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"I saw Dr. Hodari after suffering from an extremely painful insect bite on my hand. At the initial visit I was in extreme pain and especially nervous. Dr. Hodari was very gentle and caring and completely eased my nerves. Treatments for the bite, testing the venom, and draining the wound took several months of follow up visits and each time I felt completely comfortable. He never rushed and answered all my questions. While we never determined if the venom was from a scorpion or spider, the care he gave was the best! I would never trust anyone else. Thank you Dr. Hodari. After a year of treatments I am finally healed...and I'm so glad to see you are in Oroville now as well!" Rachael

"I scheduled a follow up appointment with Dr. Hodari after having a large abscess drained at the ER. He was very gentle in examining the abscess; when applying the numbing medicine I hardly felt it. He was considerate of my pain level throughout the entire visit and has a very calm and friendly demeanor. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of dermatology services!" Danielle

"Dr. Hodari has changed my life, and I am incredibly grateful for everything he has done for me! I am a female in my 20's who has struggled with unrelenting acne due to a hormone imbalance I have known as PCOS. I had seen close to 10 different dermatologists over the years with no avail. Dr. Hodari was the first physician to take the time to really talk to me about my skin problems, and reassure me that he would find a way to get me some relief… and HE did! Within 6 months my skin was better than I remember it ever being. He helped me get my confidence back, which for a while I thought would never be possible again. I used to hide behind makeup to conceal my self-image problems, but today I feel more beautiful without any makeup on! I have recommended his help to numerous others who struggle with skin problems, and will continue to do so. He is approachable, knowledgeable and an overall excellent physician! Thank you Dr. Hodari!" A.L.

"I would highly recommend Dr. Hodari to anyone seeking dermatology advice and treatment. I was immediately impressed with his professional and pleasant staff. i also greatly appreciated their punctuality. Dr. Hodari is very personable and knowledgeable. I felt that his treatment was thorough and compassionate," R.E.

"I would recommend Dr. Hodari to my family and friends for fillers and Botox. The Botox works extremely well for my fine lines, deep wrinkles and gave me an instant brow lift! The filler that he injected, Voluma, helped to volumize my cheeks and added an instant lift to my jawline. Awesome product! I now look in the mirror and what do I see? I see me looking fabulous and looking 10 years younger. Thank you Dr. Hodari!" J.D.

"Last December when I couldn't get in to see the doctor I normally go to I saw Dr. Hodari for some Botox. Right off the bat he made some suggestions that made me think , "Why didn't the last Dr. say that?" . I loved what he did! Recently I had him do injectable fillers around my eyes and upper cheeks. It was a great experience. Dr. Hodari heard my concerns especially since I was headed off for a big family reunion in just under two weeks. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish and was easy to communicate with. He then offered his EXPERT opinion and described for me the best possible approach to accomplish my goals. His warm and gentle demeanor made the procedure flow smoothly and his careful eye for symmetry helped me feel confident the entire time. Cosmetic procedures that "might leave bruising" should make one think very carefully about what they want done but who does it can make all the difference. Dr. Hodari gave me results better than I had hoped for and I highly recommend him. Do your homework first on whatever it is you want done then go see Dr. Hodari." S.L.

My college-aged son needed surgery to remove a cyst from his cheek, but would only be in Chico briefly while on short vacation from school. Knowing this, Dr. Hodari went out of his way -- well above and beyond the norm -- to accommodate not just my son's tight schedule, but this mom's many questions. Dr. Hodari offered personalized attention to a degree I've never experienced before with a physician. Both my son and I were thrilled with Dr. Hodari's gentle approach, focused on both a practical outcome (complete cyst removal) AND a superb cosmetic result, based on the unique contours of my son's face and expressions. Healing was fast and infection-free. I just can't say enough good things about this excellent dermatologist and warm, gentle person. Thank you, Dr. Hodari, from both of us; you're our go-to derm guy from now on! S. and T.


"For months Dr. Hodari tried to get my acne under control. He mentioned accutane a few times but I was concerned about using it. After 5 months, I agreed to try accutane. One of the best decisions of my life. It has been two years since and I rarely get a blemish. Thank you Dr. Hodari and the North Valley Dermatology team!" M.W.


hydrafacial treatment customer"I just had the most amazing HydraFacial from Annamarie over at Dr. Hodari's office. If you have never had one done you seriously need to make an apt today! My skin feels like silk and is super clean and refreshed!!! Thank you, you guys are the BEST! D.M.

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