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Shortly after the completion of his medical training, Dr. Hodari embarked on establishing a dermatologic practice that embodied the quality, compassion, and vitality that he associated with a first-class medical practice. Specifically, his passion is in highlighting, restoring, and cultivating beauty within patients to inspire them and, ultimately, to help them feel better about themselves. In addition to embracing the many important elements associated with such a practice, like employing a well-trained staff and using state of the art techniques and equipment, Dr. Hodari desired to create a logo which reflected these tenets as well.

As a graduate of the Tulane Dermatology residency program and six-year resident of New Orleans, Dr. Hodari became intimately familiar with the symbol of the Fleur-de-lis, as this symbol was noted everywhere in this beloved city. Upon researching the origin and meaning of the symbol it became apparent that the Fleur-de-lis represents a stylized depiction of the Lily flower and has roots in ancient Europe. In many instances it represents virtues such as strength, vigor and excellence.

In a similar fashion, Dr. Hodari recognized that the Lily flower itself is revered for its virtue, stature, beauty, colorful varieties and bold fragrance. It is this combination of symbolism, highlighted by quality, vitality and virtue that make the Fleur-de-lis the perfect symbol to represent his dermatology practice.

Dr. Hodari Dermatology

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